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Meet Richard Lynch

Based in Waynesville Ohio, Richard Lynch is an American Country music artist, who has released a long list of chart topping hits in the world of traditional country music. Lynch's style is reminiscent of the greats. The passion & purity that fueled the likes of Conway Twitty, Waylon Jennings, George Jones & Hank Williams, can be heard through the vocals & exquisite musicianship of the Richard Lynch band. Lynch's love of Country music spans 3 decades. With that, amazing live shows and songs about the 'working man' feed his audiences with adrenaline. It's country, the way country music was meant to be & they have numerous awards to prove it.

Living the life he sings about is what gives Richard Lynch the edge as an entertainer. Fans can relate to his lyrics, his messages. Richard is a hard working, blue collar man & an American farmer. The band performs over 100 live shows across the US per year. This is a one-of-a-kind performance, that's not to be missed. Spectators walk away wanting more! And with good reason, the hand selected musicians that make up his band are recognized as the best in the industry. The Richard Lynch Band performs a variety of music for the traditionalist at heart. Ranging from pure country, western swing, rockabilly, outlaw country, and hard driving honky tonk.

They are currently being promoted by Danie Cortese, CEO of DCE International, a highly credited PR firm that has promoted some of the biggest names in music business. They are also under the watchful eye of one of the most prominent managers in the industry, Randy Hayford, CEO of Twang Thang Country. The sky is the limit as they 'take on' the International markets with a vengeance. Their fans eagerly await. Stay tuned for more!

**2015 Inductee into The Independent Country Music Hall of Fame

** 2015 Album of The Year award from AAAmusiclinx

** 2015 Humanitarian of The Year - Josie Awards Show

** 2015 Band of the Year - Josie/Country Blast Radio

** 2015 Male Vocalist of the Year Nominee at Nashville Universe

** 2015 Entertainer of the Year Nominee at Nashville Universe

** 2015 Entertainer of The Year - CMG Global Radio Network

** 2015 Album of The Year - CMG Global Radio Network - "Last of A Dying Breed"

** 2015 Song of The Year - CMG Global Radio Network - "She's Got Me Drinkin' Again"

** 2014 Male Artist of the Year Nominee by the Independent Country Music Association

** 2014 Male Country Vocalist of the Year at CMG Global Radio Network

Richard in video

Hold Your Horses

You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma

Love Tattoo

Last of A Dying Breed

She's Got Me Drinkin' Again

It's All In My Head

In The News

"A Better Place"


The incredible new album from Richard is available now ! Click the image to order your copy today......


RICHARD LYNCH - A Better Place

Daddy's Radio - New Beginnings and Old Honkytonks - It's All In My Head - She's Got Me Drinking Again - Texas Front Porch Swing - Look Out Below - You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma - All By My Lonesome - Hold Your Horses - You Show Me Yours - I Like My Music Country - A Better Place

I was just about to the point where I'd never see or hear some decent country music from today's deliverers. Then along comes an Ohio country music maker, Richard Lynch, who quite frankly is brilliant with this album. The very first song proudly displays a little bit of music from Hank, Ernest, and more, as he introduces "Daddy's Radio." This is a super representation of good modern country music. The steel is still there, and used most effectively, and again in "It's All In My Head." This guy is real country, and so much more than the Keith Urban and others who insist that rock and roll should be the predominant sound of modern country. It doesn't have to be at all, it just takes the music into a so-called new genre that isn't country at all, far from it. Richard Lynch is able to keep his music in the vein of today's country music, but he keeps it country. This music business is sometimes like panning for gold, hoping you might find a little kernel to keep it 'real.' So far what Nashville has been producing for the last many years is devoid of gold. But here, if they would just take a listen, they would find what the real 'evolvement' of the music should be sounding like, and not the hip-hop-rock-slop sound they have contaminated the genre with. This album is truly named correctly, "A Better Place." Certainly for traditional and classic, and even Highwayman style of country. Richard holds true throughout, and by the time we get to "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma" with some help from David Frizzell & Stacy Houston, we're right back on track with some super sounding country music. I think the drums were too far out front in the mix, UNLESS you are doing this as a 'dance' album, mostly because there's so many good musical sounds coming from the other instruments, and the too-loud drums distract from that, as well as the beautiful voices and lyrics we are listening to. Richard Lynch is simply brilliant, in "All By My Lonesome" he brings the everlasting 'fiddle' back to his music, and our listening pleasure. The Nashville musicians, who can really play anything you want, must surely have enjoyed this terrific 'country' session. I wish I could have had this album a little earlier to send to the Rural Roots Music Commission for this year's selections for CD of the Year.

Thank you Richard Lynch for a super nice listen.


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